About This Service

One of the best way to get Backlinks is getting links from Google Itself. Google Authority Stacking  or Entity Stacking was introduced by OMG and has become very famous for stacking authority from google and ranking higher in Organic and Local Search Results specially in 3 packs

How IT Works : 

We create all Google Properties and properly optimize those properties for your preferred keywords and then stack them together to get maximum benefit and boost in ranking.

List of Properties You Will Get :  

  1. Google Drive Folder
  2. Google Doc
  3. Google Sheet
  4. Google Slides
  5. Google Mymap (Custom Map)
  6. Google Drawing
  7. Google Form
  8. G-Site 
  9. Blogspot Blog
  10. Google Calendar
  11. PDF
  12. Posting an article ( You must provide or we will get content from website)
  13. Embed Youtube Video ( you must provide or we will use related Youtube video)

All properties are properly optimized interlinked and embeded to stack maximum authority and higher ranking.

Complete Record file will be provided in Excel Sheet

Sample Can be Seen Here :  https://goo.gl/z4upV2

If you have any questions feel free to contact.