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About This Service

Successful Amazon listings begin with making your product stand out from the competition. A great infographic design can mean the difference between making a sale and losing out to a competitor. 

Make your product stand out of the crowd with an amazing info graphic that Display the best features about your product!

Increase conversion resulting in higher sales by including a high visual infographic!

Am Providing Professional Product Photography Editing And Infographic 

  • Processing products image following Amazon rules.
  • Removing Product Background and replace with pure white Background. 
  • Creating shadow and reflection of your image so that it looks more realistic.
  • Removing dust or any kind of scratches so that your image looks more beautiful.
  • Retouching, Cropping/ Resize your image, to match your site design.
  • and more



  1. If you want me to collect the data for your infographic order the Gig Extra
  2. Write the exact data/stats/info in doc file or paste it in the message box.
  3. If your data/stats/info is in image, please write it as doc and then send it OR order one more gig for every 10 points you have in the image.
  4. If you want to order more than one infographic at once don't. Keep them in separated orders.
  5. If you have size requirements-send them!!
  6. I will give you infographics in JPEG format. If you have additional requirement please communicate.

I'm pretty sure you'll love my design & creativity, so I look forward to working with you soon.

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