About This Service

Contact me before placing an order.


Yo... let me know if I am right!


You are ready and confident to help your clients overcome the obstacles and become better + successful in what they do… aka to take over the planet.

However, conveying that enthusiasm, care, devotion, badassary, craziness, desire and love for others’ success is no easy. Especially when writing a sales plea.

And that’s why you are here.


You are here! Stop worrying now


I’m Ash – a rebel+copywriter who wouldn’t be anywhere close to what I am today if it wasn’t for the great people and coaches like yourself.

Over the past year alone, I’ve helped 10s of business-and life coaches launch successful campaigns and projects and break the banks. Most of them are booked for months-in-advance now. And have upped their prices so many times, it’s become the main source of income their web-developers have.

I also have learned and improved a lot while working with each-n-every one of them. But that’s a story for another day.

iWrite. iSell. iExcel


Here is what you may expect:

  • 100% FREE text-based consultation (even before you place an order)
  • An “oh-gimme-that!” opt-in page copy
  • Your unique, written-from-scratch, blow-them-outta-water sales page copy
  • Two sets of Facebook ads or posts
  • A seven tier email sequence (expandable up to 11 or 13 or more)
  • A smile on your readers’ face
  • The whole lotta confidence!!!

And all within a week.

Ahem. Though, that isn’t exactly what you’ll get. Every project is unique in its entirety…


So to begin with – I genuinely care about you and your overall success. And I’ll never expect you to accept anything less than perfect. Instead of wasting ‘nother second, go ahead! Hit that contact button. And let’s get rocking.


Do not forget to read the FAQs.

Why so cheap?

Because people offered free and bargained prices when I was starting out. Because I love working with intelligent people. Because I’m greedy and can’t decline to work with the future superstars – YOU!


Who is it for?

For renowned coaches who aren’t afraid to charge a fraction of what they deserve. Those who wouldn’t settle for anything less than what they love.  You are always eager to improve and try something better, regardless of the success or failure.


Who are you?

More often than not, I am the inner voice that keeps telling you – “This is made for me only. It’s the only thing I need to get from A to B. Let’s buy it. It’s a bargain. A steal! You’ll be outright crazy to miss the opportunity!” Or a better version of that. You may call me Ash, copy, copyash, ink, inkwinx, or whatever pleases your fancy. My favorite client so far calls me ‘kiddo’ and always ends their emails with ‘Behave!’ So yeah.


Why should I hire you?

Hell! I have no idea. Every person is unique and has their very reason to buy something. Maybe, you’re lucky. Maybe, you’re smart. Maybe, you have seen my website and real rates that start from $4999. Maybe, you have done your homework and know the best. Maybe, you have searched “launch copy” on Fiverr. Maybe, you meant the next question. You tell me!


What makes you the best?

You see – I’m 50% human, 70% creative, 80% organized, 100% crazy, and 110% real. I care about your business and success. My copy doesn’t only fill in the gaps, but performs. And brings results that are concrete, measurable, and outright amazing. But all of the above – I’m such a nice person. (:


How do we go about your FREE consultation?

Ahh! It’s easy. Just send a message explaining your requirements in as much details as possible. And I’ll take you from there.


What information do you need from me?

A lot. Everything. And then some. But don’t worry. I have a questionnaire ready for you to fill in and make the process easy. It’s pretty long, so please, take some hours out of that busy schedule. There will always be more questions later on though.


Do you use templates?

I have tried in the past, but alas! Humans are just too complicated to turn them into a spreadsheet. Though, I have my tools, techniques, process, experience, and somewhat working brain. So you’re safe.


Can you explain your process?

Of course, I love this part. And the best part is it’s nothing compared to the processes I read in chemistry. Please check my most usual five-step-process in the next five Qs below.

Phase 1 | The fun part

It’s all about chit-chat, understanding your business, requirements, then coming up with ideas and concrete goals to hit in the days to come. You’re supposed to be quick and prompt with your replies or it may stretch as long as life. So yeah!

Phase 2 | Day 1st

You accept one of the offers and I start working on your project. There can be a couple more questions based on the new info. But usually, it’s all that!

Phase 3 | Day 3rd or 4th

I deliver the first draft for your review and approval. This is where it ends usually. Though, if you request a revision, we get to the phase 4.

Phase 4 | Day 4th or 5th

Based on your comments, there may or may not be a few many questions. And once again, your prompt answers are to be expected.

Phase 5 | Day 7th

As soon as we have something you love, I deliver the final draft for your approval. You may still ask for a revision if required though.


When should I expect the final copy?

It depends. Once we are talking and you have provided all the info, I’ll be able to provide a more specific turn-around time.


I need it in less than a week. Would that be possible?

Maybe. Depends on your requirements and my schedule. Send a message ASAP. And I’ll be as quick.


I’m planning to sell a course that costs in three figures only. Can you help?

Of course! A 3 fig. course is destined to bring you 4-figures in revenues. It’s just how you look at the whole ordeal.


I’ll be closing on a video call and don’t need email sequences. How do we proceed?

That’s okay. Once you contact me with all your process and requirements, we can always discuss what you need and how much the cost. Nothing to worry.


Do you offer refunds?

Nope. Unless I refuse to work on your project (for whatever reasons), I do NOT offer refunds. I believe you are smart enough to make a sound decision and stand on it. NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Though, every purchase comes with 1 free revision, which you are welcome to utilize if needed.


How to contact you?

Hit that green contact button. Should be somewhere around my profile pic. Just try to be detailed and to-the-point when you send a message. Think of it like emails, not Facebook chat. Better be on a PC or Mac.


Contact me before placing an order.