About This Service

We provide fresh lead lists of everyone who was searching online and/or opted in for more information about your product or service in the last 30 days.  These are called "in market buyers". Imagine ONLY marketing to people who you already know are interested and qualified for what you are selling.  

We have the most comprehensive options for leads on the market. We offer both real-time leads and targeted lists. When it comes to our lists, we utilize innovative and top-of-the-line techniques to compile lists that are:

  1. Filtered To Meet Your Needs
  2. Always Fresh And Interested
  3. Have Unlimited Potential For Growth

With our one-of-a-kind filtering options, you only get the leads that fit within your target demographic. We create our lists from a highly-organized database of leads, and we weed through, picking out only the best leads for your business.

On top of that, our databases is unparalleled in the marketplace, both in size and structure. We use several data compilation sources and add hundreds of leads on a daily basis. This ensures that your leads are always fresh, increasing the chance for conversions.

Different Types of Leads to Fit Your Needs

With our filtering options on our final expense lists, you get to target specific demographics that are right for your business.  With our real-time leads, we use a highly-targeted, TV campaign and a proven IVR to generate real-time final expense leads. As soon as the leads are qualified, they are transferred straight to you. With our final expense phone, mail, and email lists, we pull from the enormous database we mentioned before. That means – fresh leads and countless ways to make contact!

With all of our final expense lead options, we’re sure to have an option that fits your needs, budget, and goals. Our leads give you amazing potential for profit growth and customer conversion.