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About This Service

Is it true?





Yes, it's REAL!

Examples are shown above.

When it comes to SEO and generating free traffic, nothing else compares to Youtube and shared videos on social media! 

Use these videos for current clients, or to entice new ones with a universal niche video 3 pack.


Just think if you have a general real estate video, then you can sell every potential real estate client on that same video.

They will be blown away by the high quality! 


I've seen clients pay upwards of $2500 for ONE video like this!

Works universally for any business in the selected general niches below.


You get 3 videos, and are not limited to choosing the same niche for all 3.

You can choose one niche for all 3 videos, or any combination of niches for each.


Niches are as follows:

  1. Alarm Installation
  2. Bakery
  3. Bankruptcy Attorney
  4. Business Services
  5. Car Dealership
  6. Catering
  7. Child Care
  8. Chiropractor
  9. Cleaning Service
  10. Construction Contractor
  11. CPA
  12. Dentist
  13. Divorce Attorney
  14. Dog Training
  15. Dry Cleaning
  16. Electrician
  17. Equipment Rental
  18. Event Planner
  19. Financial Planner
  20. Florist
  21. Funeral Services
  22. Gym
  23. Hair Salon
  24. Handyman
  25. Home Remodeling
  26. HVAC
  27. Insurance Agent
  28. Jeweler
  29. Lawn Maintenance
  30. Locksmith
  31. Marriage Counselor
  32. Mechanic
  33. Moving Company
  34. Optometrist
  35. Painter
  36. Paving and Concrete
  37. Pawn Shop
  38. Payday Loan
  39. Personal Injury Attorney
  40. Pest Control
  41. Pet Grooming
  42. Pet Sitting
  43. Plumber
  44. Real Estate Agent
  45. Storage Facility
  46. Travel Agent
  47. Veterinarian
  48. Wedding Planner
  49. Windshield Repair
  50. Yoga Classes


You get these 3 video types:

  • One Female 3D Avatar Video
  • One Male 3D Avatar Video
  • One Live Green Screen Video (Sex is already chosen)


So you can have 3 videos of the same niche.

Two vids for 1 niche, and one vid for a different niche.

Or, all 3 can be different niches you choose... It's up to you!


If this is confusing, please contact me.


Final renders will be delivered in 1080p HD. MP4 Format.

Average length of each video: 30 to 50 seconds


What Makes The Packages Different?

  • BASIC package is image backgrounds ONLY
  • STANDARD package offers motion OR image backgrounds, and adds a gif
  • PREMIUM package offers motion OR image backgrounds, adds a gif, adds subtitles, and adds a video outro with a 'Call To Action'. You have to provide me what kind of CTA you want at the end


You may provide background videos and background music if you choose to do so. 


(I can customize and personalize these videos further, but not in this particular service listing)



Extras, Refunds, And Revisions:

>>> PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING: There are absolutely no refunds for any reason once the sale is processed, unless our delivery is late.

Communicate with me if you are unsure of what you are ordering BEFORE you proceed.


***We reserve the right to halt unlimited revisions if it's being abused***


The lightning delivery (extra add on) will be delivered as stated unless we are prevented from reasons beyond our control, such as an internet or power outage. If this occurs, a refund will be provided to you.