About This Service

Hello !

Before i start describing my new service i want you to you know, this course was made by experts with easy and understandable steps.

My course titled : "How to Build an Engaging Facebook Messenger Bot That Converts Traffic Into Sales"

In this brand new workshop, you’ll learn how to build a “set it and forget it” Facebook Messenger Bot that drives revenue 24/7, 365 days a year. which costs 295$ in other platforms.

This course will contain:

6 Lessons
3-4 hours length
This course is one time downloadable.

What You’ll Learn:

How to quickly create a messenger bot sequence. Even if you’ve never “programmed” a bot
7 quick steps to crafting eye-catching, engaging Facebook messenger conversations
How to stay compliant with Facebook’s Terms of Service without giving up exciting content that drives engagement
The 5 elements of engaging bot conversations, and how to implement them in your campaign
How companies like HubSpot and The Wall Street Journal use Messenger Bot Conversations to move BILLIONS of dollars of a wide array of products
STOP WAISTING TIME ! Program your own BOT and watch it respond without maintenance and any extra effort !

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