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Greetings fellow SEO person, I go by LickchopSEO and my thing is chewing up competition.

I can help you do the same by offering high quality copywriting services for your PBN or money sites. In a nutshell, I'm born and raised in the United States and English is indeed my first language.

If you're looking for more than the weird copy-farm articles that barely pass for coherent English, look no further.  

We've all been there with the $5 articles that need to be rewritten and waste everyone's time, haven't we? Let's stop wasting time and just do it right from the start, shall we?

The gig is simple: I'll hook you up with either 500, 750 or 1000 words for your SEO needs and write it in a way you wouldn't be embarrassed to show your momma.

Basically, a win-win. I know you need copy and I have two hands and a working mind, let's do this!