About This Service

This gig offers Getting and Installing a SSL certificate (which provides https:// url with Green pad lock in browser) it's a domain level encryption SSL. Normally SSL certificates are expensive but a very big Organization EFF has started providing FREE SSL certificates for a Secure INTERNET which we will use and Install on your domain/website.

Issuing the SSL certificate and Installation with https and green padlock is covered under this gig only for 5$. 

Benefits of SSL :

1. https url with Green PadLOCK in browser address bar (For better trust and brand power)
Encrypts Information (Data to and from your website travels in a secure encrypted form)
Provides Authentication (Seperates you from crowd and helps protect phishing, fakes)
Necessary for Accepting Payments (if you have a store or sell any services etc)
5. Helps with SEO (Better SEO = Better Rankings = More visitors/customers) and helps you WIN WIN !

NOTE : Before placing an order on this Gig please message me.