About This Service

Ranking Your Facebook Page


  • Are you using a website for your business? If so, you understand the complexities and headaches that come with a website. If you’re not ranking or paying for Advertisements, your site is a needle in a haystack and likely not getting any traffic.
  • Websites can be expensive to build out and maintain with added costs of doing SEO and/or running ADs to generate traffic over the Internet.
  • I discovered a way to rank Facebook pages and treat them more like landing pages. This is done by incorporating a Facebook Cover Video & a Call-to-Action that keeps visitors engaged and lowers your bounce rate.
  • The good thing about ranking Facebook pages is that there are no ongoing charges with hosting fees (as websites have) and you can easily maintain them in-house.
  • The negatives about a Facebook page is that desktop searches can be less effective with the page loading time and whether someone is already logged in. The user experience can suffer more on a desktop than over mobile.

How do you counter this? It’s essential to use your images and a Facebook cover video to utilize call-to-actions and/or keep your page visitor engaged. This course will link to resource links to help you make a high converting landing page from Facebook.