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Mass Optimizer Pro - Easily Rename, Duplicate, Optimizer & GeoTag a single or 1000's .JPG images from a list of Keywords Easily Rename & Optimize Mp4 videos files for YoutUbe or Vimeo using MassOptimizer Pro Desktop Software. What Can MassOptimizer Pro Do? Image Optimization & GeoTag Software Rename, Optimize & GeoTag .Jpeg Image Files Easily Rename Images from Keyword Lists ONE CLICK Optimization - Whole Folders of Images ONE CLICK GeoTag - Whole Folders of Images Keyword Optimize your Image Metadata GeoTag Add Latitude, Longitude Geo-Location Data GeoTag Images For Whole Towns, Cities, Districts, Counties & Even Countries! Add Spinnable Articles to Images Image Spinner Utility Google Maps Embed Spinner Utility Facebook Post Spinner Utility Twitter Tweet Spinner Utility
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