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The Ultimate Local Ranking Service to Help You Get Higher Rankings
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I'm Maulana T from IM Powerhouse. We are one of the Biggest and most Successful SEO service provider in many marketplace. As of right now our company consist of 50+ SEO and Link Building expert and we have always updated our link building method to make sure that it will always work with the latest Google algorithm updates. Currently we have achieved 2100+ first page Google rankings from all of our SEO services combined (we have processed thousands of orders) and we are not slowing down!



We are offering our brand new Citations service - Rank Local for the first time ever on Konker. In this package, you are purchasing the Rank Local 100 links package (Silver) at a very special price! You can also order the Bigger packages by choosing one of the Upgrade option in the bottom of this page. All domains in this PBN are checked by my own proprietary methods.

Have a look at the full features below and you will find why this service is one of the best local ranking service in the market right now.