About This Service

Dominate your local competition!

Hi, my name is Robby and I am the CEO of my own webdesign and SEO company with over 12 years experience. I will build you a properly structured Local SEO Silo'ed website with all the necessary elements that will help you rank in your city and other cities for any service that you are offering.

If you have seen Alex Becker's latest webinar "The Rank and Spank" method, then you are familiar with the opportunity that is available with this strategy. I take Alex Becker's Rank and Spank method to the next level with some important key elements to help you rank locally for the niche.

The difference with my service compared to what Alex shows in the webinar is that I do not use his Source Flood plugin. It is an excellent plugin and have used it in the past on my projects. I go beyond that and add Schematic Markup as well as EXIF geo-tagging on images.

With my Done For You Service, I build the pages with content that will improve your rankings. I schedule the pages over a period to appear as natural as possible in order to not raise any flags with the "Big Gee".

To learn more and what makes my service top quality, please see the Whats included section below.

Do you want to build Rank and Rent sites? Do you want to build SEO sites for your clients so that they can dominate their area for the service that they are offering? We can do that and take on the long and tedious work.

With the proper tools at our disposal we will take care of the tedious work that is required to build these Silo structured websites. Every page will be fully optimized and ready for Local Domination.

What is included with our service?

  • 1 Website targeting 1 State and 20 Cities.
  • Full Onpage SEO of all pages.
  • Home page with 500 word article.
  • State page with 500 word article.
  • 20 City Pages with high authority outbound links, images, Google map embedded.
  • About, Contact, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages.
  • Logo
  • Correct Linking Structure.
  • Professional Wordpress Theme
  • Schematic Markup
  • Image Geo-Tagging with EXIF metadata

Schematic Markup

The website will have full Schematic Markup set up correctly so that you have the advantage over your competitors in your niche.

EXIF Geo-tagging Images

I will create images for each city page that will be tagged with geo-location coordinates in the EXIF data of the image. This gives your page an extra weapon for rankings.

What My Customers Are Saying

What I Will Need From You

  • You will need to purchase the domain name.
  • You will need to provide me with hosting cPanel details
  • Address to use for this website and for Schematic Markup
  • Any tracking Call Number that you may use