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My name is Lisa from, a proud member of OMG Team. I'm doing SEO for a living so I always keep updated with what's working and what's not working in the industry. 

Why Auction Domains? 

Auction domains are much better than expired domains if you are serious with your SEO campaign. Better backlinks profile, guarantee indexing, and clean web archive history. However, if you ever tried to but auction domains yourself, you'll find it time consuming, watching each auction, bidding war, and another 5-day waiting before it actually sit on your account. 
We deal with this hassle so you can sit tight and focus on your backlink strategy =)

What will you get?

In this offer, you'll get 1 niche-targeted expiring auction domain with these metrics and free 1-year registration fee:

Majestic TF : 15+
Majestic CF: 15+
Ref. Domain: 35+
Ahrefs DR 15+

I use my own 6-layer preselection steps and use the same metrics for my personal PBNs:

  • Relevancy
    We provide aged domain that match with your niche so you will get more trust in Google eyes. You will get traffic from existing backlinks and of course expect conversion rates as your content will still be relevant. Without making that match, you can only end up with high bounce rates and that can’t earn you trust from Google.
  • Strong metrics
    The following are the minimum metrics, in most cases, it’s higher:
    Majestic TF : 15+
    Majestic CF: 15+
    Ref. Domain: 35+
    Ahrefs DR: 15+
  • Check for highlighted backlinks
  • A site that has relevant (i.e. authority) backlinks tends to pass juices to other sites, so we make sure the existing backlinks come from the right places and point to the right pages.
  • Anchor text check
    This ensures no spammy anchor text is associated with the link profile that you are going to inherit. We all know too well that Google frowns upon anything spammy, so anchor text-rich links should be natural to retain most value.
  • Manual check on
    We go back in time to check the website that was running on a given domain before its expiry. The timeline graph at will reveal the history of the expired domain to know if it has been associated with any kind of spam or has been redirected toother site.
  • Judge A Domain From Overall DATA
    We work with facts based on our own internal research to provide you domains that we will personally use for our network if not being sold to you. In short, we don't believe a domain with a single TF 20+ backlink or with 1 authority link can be a good investment for you. We see the entire backlinks and other data.


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