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About This Service

Need Optimized Content?  100% Yoast Green Light (And, a bit more.)

Well, you have landed yourself in the right place!  I have worked with 1000's clients for their entire On Page Optimization.  Here is where I offer you a page of that, maybe you just want a blog post done and don't want the entire site done?  Well, here's a great place. 

This will have Yoast Optimization 100% Green Light.  With keyword density 1.5-2% unless otherwise stated.
You will have to put back in the Header tags, unfortunately, I haven't found a workaround that yet.   Pretty simple and I'll give them to you.

This is for 500 words, for whatever content you need.  500 words for:

-Articles for your blog
-Content for your website pages
-Homepage content
-Content for Pinterest Pins (Split the words up.)
-Foundation Link Content
-Citation Content
-Reviewing products (100 words  x 5 or however you'd like.)
-Website reviews or Company Reviews
-Tumblr Content
-Blog 2.0 Content
-Amazon Reviews
-Amazon Descriptions
-Shopify Descriptions

You get the idea, right?  This is for content and 500 words, split it up, keep it together.  I can write about many different topics and it's all 100% original.  Done by me and not any VA's.  That's right from the good 'ole US.  And, this one is optimized and Search Engine Friendly.

I have written all kinds of content from Animals, Drug Rehab, Coffee Clubs, Weight Gain, Toys, Clothing, Fertility, Offices, Factories, you name it, I have probably have written something about it.  

I speak 100% US English and am from Michigan.  So, that's the dialect you will be receiving.  I do not have VA's doing this work.  You will not receive work that makes you speak with a foreign accent when you read it.   (Not that there is anything wrong with that, I love my foreign friends, just not on my websites.)

1-2 Like Minded keywords can be placed within the content. 

This will be 100% Original, just for you, content. 

Have questions?  Ask!! 

I do run an online SEO Agency, with my own websites and Ecom stores.  So I understand all the various content different people might need.


Here is an example of an article I wrote (Please don't use this):

Kitchen and Bath Contractor

We are a kitchen and bath contractor for Las Vegas, NV.  Fully licensed and insured under Nevada Law. Have you looked at your bathroom lately?  Kitchen outdated? There are so many material options available today. And, we offer a huge price range of options, styles, and colors.  There are the higher end marbles and Granites but did you know there are cement options for countertops as well? This option replicates higher-end materials without the cost.  Just to give an idea. We specialize in updating the entire kitchen or bath or just offer sections as well. Plan options per say. Maybe budget the fixtures this year and better counters and faucets next.   We are here to work for you. Give us a call if your in need of a kitchen and bath contractor.

Tile Work by a Kitchen and Bath Contractor of Las Vegas, NV

Yes, we can offer a variety of tile options for the floors, walls, and counters.  There are pricey things as well as economical designs available to meet any budget.  We are experts in laying tile with even seams and proper grout used. We have many sample books and even can offer something you have found online that you liked.  Have a floor pattern you like but maybe in a different color? We can help! Tile is something that not every contractor can do well. However, we have done many unique tile designs and are happy to assist with your tile needs.

We are a Kitchen and Bath Contractor of Las Vegas, NV

Need a kitchen and bath contractor of Las Vegas, NV?  Well, that's what we are here for.  We are here to lend our advice, as well as give great installations of the products at hand.  We are happy to work within your budget and offer you our suggestions. Things such as a carpet is probably not a great bathroom flooring choice.  With all the moisture that a bathroom produces carpet is going to not hold up.  We have installed many kinds of flooring as this is what we do. How many times have you changed flooring your home?  We do this every week as a Kitchen and bath contractor. This allows us to remain up to date on the latest trends as well as the function of new products.

Is there a Warranty?

Many Kitchen and Bath contractor do not offer a warranty.  However, we do!  We offer various warranties for different work. Things happen, we understand.  Things like product failures, that we installed on a sink and for some reason 6 months later it is leaking.  This can be very frustrating to a new Kitchen or bath owner, which is why it's covered by our top-notch warranty.  We are not a fly by night operation but are here to stay and offer amazing services as a Kitchen and Bath Contractor for all of Las Vegas.

Now, obviously, we can't offer a 20-year warranty on that faucet, but it should last within a reasonable amount of time.   And, as your Kitchen and Bath contractor, we want to provide you with great service.  Have you heard that it is easier to keep clients than find new ones? Exactly why we warranty our work.  Of course, there are exclusions. We won't warranty work that was destroyed by the homeowner such as a rubber duckie being flushed and the toilet is clogged. But we are reasonable people, with reasonable expectations as well.