About This Service

Hello all,

I have been running websites and working on them for 20 years.  I specialize mostly in E-Commerce, however, article writing can be done for just about anything and is so useful.  I've done a ton of content in my day, but not all content is created equal.  Today, we have "Duplicate" content penalties that we have to ensure our content doesn't violate and get our site ranked super low.

That's where I come in. 

I will take any article except adult stuff, gambling, Pills and such.

Images will not be included in the articles.

Content is everything in 2018.  But, good content will be rewarded.  Let's get your site fixed up and shining in the Search Engines eyes!

I am a Native US English Speaker located in the US and have other article gigs that have been utilized by some of the moderators on FB.  


Guidance on SEO:

Many ask "What will help my site?"  Each site is individually different.  This is a good common guide, keep in mind not everything is in this guide, it's just a basic:

1. On page clean house. Strong anchor text inner linking, image optimize, keyword ratio, good SEO content. This is gonna be work. Check for duplication on pages and with other sites.  This is a huge no, no with Google.  This will be work and expensive to have others do as it takes a ton of time but worth it in the end.  Throwing links and other components at it won't help if you have duplicate content all over, no alt tags, etc.  There are exceptions of course.
2. Citations. Buy them or do them yourself. Get the NAP exactly, 20 or so to start, good.
3. Get GMB postcard and set up and your sitemap and such.
Those all can be done together.
Then, links, small links, social love, and set up IFTTT rings. Make social media accounts, lots of them and link them.
4. Social signals more. A few backlinks. To start.  Social Signals are links, comments, and shares but not to your page, those are from IFTTT Rings and manual posts.
5. Slowly add links, more SEO content. Keep adding links and content.
6. Ping some links.
7. Check ranking.
8. Add links to internal pages.
9. Links to citations. Ping links again until ranked.
10. Sprinkle social signals all over!!
11. Keep hitting them with links and some Map stacking or Google Stacking.
And launch.
Prayers sometimes help too. Lol. Fingers crossed. Whatever is your thing?
This obviously isn't the entire process and some can be moved around.  And, there are things like fixing and asking Google to recrawl.  This is just to use as a common guide.