About This Service

I will create a messenger chatbot for your Digital Agency. This chatbot is suitable for almost any kind of service based agency or brand. It will work as a salesperson and most important, it will work 24X7 for you. 2018 is the year of chatbots. Many businesses have started to build Chatbots for their pages to grow their business. It's a great opportunity to adopt this change before it's too late.


  1. Welcome Message.
  2. AI-based rules and keyword trigger which can send a specific reply to the users as per the keyword identified by the bot.
  3. Chatbot for your website. (Facebook Messenger Bot Integration into a website)
  4. Flow Design.
  5. Menu bar [Portfolio, Contact, Images, Links and much more!]
  6. From 20 to 100 Days free support (Depends on your package)

Not using a chatbot on your Facebook page? you're already behind. This Gig is best and most important, even a basic package comes along with many great features. 


Messaging Platform


  • Facebook Messenger
  • Website
Bot Type
  • Customer Service
  • Schedule/Assistant
  • Lead Info Capture
Development Technology
  • Chatfuel
  • Other