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Karachi Sindh, PK
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Apr 26th, 2019

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About shahmir
I can create and verify any listing in any category. The address can be visible or hidden (your choice) What I need from you: - Company Name - Address - GMB Category - Phone number - Hours of operation. - Website/URL What will you get? You'll get a 100% filled and verified GMB listing ready for LeadGen... or anything you can think of. Once your business is created and verified, I'll give you the login credentials. I'm happy to create and a GMB listing in ANY NICHE, except the Locksmith, Garage door and Rehab Treatment. You don't need a full-featured website. Just a landing page is fine and the URL can be changed later. Your phone number and URL have to be unique for GMB. Neither can have been used in the past. I can deliver most of GMBs within 24 hrs. Some listings may take up to 5 days to stabilize.
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April 26th, 2019
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