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About This Service

A premier resource for all facets of legal research and legal writing!

I have an extensive background in legal research and writing which gives my practice a distinct edge—not only to the scope and depth of my skills but also to the efficiency with which I can complete any project.


When you’re faced with a motion, appeal, or legal research issue, you need to know more than the black letter law—you need to know how that law applies to the unique facts of your case. I never give you a “canned” brief; all of my work is customized, to be of most use to the busy attorneys who use my services.


Being a professional writer with vast experience in research writing; I focus on delivering high-quality work to meet the set goals and objectives. In my entire career as a writer, I have set out to maintain professionalism and diligence. I derive my fascination from the ability to produce work which receives positive feedback. I have used my writing skills to build a reputable profile. I have achieved this by doing thorough research on the projects given to me. I follow instructions keenly, avoid grammatical mistakes and strictly observe deadlines.