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About This Service

** This is a 1 MONTH PROMOTIONAL SERVICE for BUSINESS and PERSONAL Instagram accounts **

Grow your Instagram account and gain more exposure to your audience!


  1. Double check your password
  2. Your account should be at least 1 month old & the first post posted at least 3 weeks ago
  3. You must be logged in to your account
  4. This gig can be extended to run for more than 1 month; simply order a new Gig.


  • Increase your audience and engagement
  • Increase in exposure for potential sales
  • Advanced statistics including daily growth, top engagers, engagement under your posts
  • Live Statistics to keep track of your promotion in real time


  • Follow users by location, hashtags and competitor accounts
  • Like photos by location, hashtags, and interests
  • Daily analysis and account monitoring for engagement and growth


  • Username
  • Password
  • Targeting information

My team and I handle over 400+ clients monthly and specialize in different niches for personal accounts all the way up to Fortunate 500 company accounts.




What are the requirements for my profile?

You need to make sure your Instagram account is at least one month old with more than twenty posts. We need your Instagram username, password, and targeting information – such as a list of your competitors, hashtags, and location.


Why I should purchase from you?

I have been an Instagram marketing specialist for over ten years. In that time, I have managed 15,000+ different Instagram accounts. I have worked with clients like Marriott, Yamaha, Nekter Juice- Bar, and many other mid- to small-sized businesses. We also work with personal brands.


Will you unfollow my friends/current people I follow?

Before we start your promotion, we save all the people that you are following. Please make sure you are not following more than 1,500 people because then the promotion won’t be as effective. If you really need to follow someone, then I won’t unfollow that person.


How does this promotion work?

This promotion is one of the most successful for your Instagram account. If you wanted to achieve the same results with Instagram Ads, you could spend thousands of dollars with no guarantee of getting the same result, making it much riskier to run ads.


Is your promotion safe for my account?

Yes, we care about your privacy: it is our first priority. We don’t store your password, and we only use it for the authorization process. We do not use any third party applications or software; instead, we have an actual person working on your account.


I am referring my friends to you! Do I get a benefit from that?

Firstly, I really appreciate you recommending my service to others! You can get a discount on your next promotion, or, if you refer a large number of people, you can qualify for one free month of promotion.


I want to outsource my work! How can I do that?

We work with other agencies and have fantastic white labelling options. Please message me to discuss how we can help you with outsourcing and provide you with more information.


Can I use my Instagram during the promotion as usual?

Yes, but with a few exceptions. I suggest staying away from following or unfollowing accounts, as this can cause temporary blocks from Instagram, which stops us working for a few hours. You can continue to post as usual.