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About This Service

Web Hosting and Domain Package for 1 Year


What you will receive

  • 1 x Shared Hosting Package
  • 1 x Secure Domain Name
  • 1 x SSL Certificate
  • 1 x Wordpress Installation
  • 1 x Theme Installation


Shared Hosting Package - Our hosting package will be setup on secure servers

Secure Domain Name -  You will receive a secure domain name of your choice

SSL Certificate - We will install an SSL Certificate which will keep your website secure

Wordpress Installation - We will make sure that your website will include the latest version of the Wordpress Platform

Theme Installation - In case you have a specific theme you would like to install on your website, please either sent us the compressed file of the theme and we will make sure that we will install it correctly. If the specific theme also includes any sample content we will import the sample data (including pictures, menus, logo, etc.) properly so your website will look like it is advertised when you bought your theme.



  1. Sometimes domain names can be really expensive. So in this case we will be able to provide the specific domain with an extra charge. Otherwise you can sent us another domain name to check it for you.
  2. Any private information that will be given to you after the completion of this service will be kept secret. Of course you will be able to reset your passwords just to make sure we cannot access your account afterwards.