About This Service

We will perform a search and gather a list of leads that can include the following parameters.  (There are a total of around 40 different parameters we can include)

Business Name, Email, Phone, Website, Estimated Monthly Ad Spend, Number of Citations, Facebook Retargeting setup or not, Social media pages setup or not, Google Review Rating, # of Bad Reviews, Yelp Rating and Reviews, etc.  


Do you need leads for SEO, online reputation management, social media management, or paid ads?

This service is ideal for people who use cold email outreach as a way to get in contact with new prospects.  If you would like some advice on a system to help sending these emails in an automated way, there are a few different options we could suggest as well depending on your needs.  

We recommend using something to track email opens so you can call anyone that showed interest by opening your email.

This serivce will be broken down into individual services in the future.  For now, let us know what service you are trying to sell.  


**** Message us to find out whether we can find a large enough number of leads for your city/industry before purchasing.  For general industries we can expect around 50 quality leads but it depends on the industry and city.  

Please supply a second and third industry (or city) in case we can't find enough quality leads for your primary choice.  If not we can provide leads from a more general dindustry to make up the difference.