About This Service

Mass Page Creation

Create up to 150,000 pages from a single page on your website and customize each of them to have the names of any town, city, county or state of your choice using the Magic Page Plugin on WordPress. 

Target every single city/town the US, UK, CA, and AU

Duplicate and Spin the same page or post across multiple locations (cities) for local lead generation.

I will:
Create the content (if you don't have one already)
Spin the content to avoid too much repetition to SE spiders
create shortcodes and spintax tags
optimize your page for SEO
Index pages in Google and Bing
Setup Search Console
Set up Google Analytics

You will:
Give me your niche info and description
Your Call to action or Affiliate link or phone number
Relax and Watch Conversion$ roll in from different locations

Contact me before placing an order or if you have any question(s)