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Professional summary: Trained character voice actor who is comfortable interacting with media and production workers from all backgrounds. Motivated professional voice actor since 2010 with numerous years in musical stage, radio and media. An active listener with superb oral and written communication skills. Dependable, responsible and enthusiastic. Skills: Gifted Voice Artist -Fluent in American English (numerous accents) Sound editing experience. Accepts direction and coaching graciously. Television and film background. Memorization skills. Singer. Freelance Voice Actor: 2010 – current Position: Voice Actor (character artist) Work Performed: Produces voice overs for presentations, commercials, phone lines, animations, audio books, e-learning. Records, edits and delivers all files in a timely manner. Free revision - (no script changes). Managed by Acclaim Talent Austin, Texas. Recording for clients from all over the world. Thank you.
American English - fluent Neutral English - conversational Character Voices - fluent English Speaking Accents - fluent
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