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About This Service

The best quality links on Legiit period!!! Real links, no expired domains, no pbns, NO BS! Niche Edit Backlinks, links inserted on blogs and websites in your niche!

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The secret weapon of the top SEO Agencies. Niche edits, Niche Edit Backlinks or sometimes called curated links.

What is a niche edit link? Niche Edits, Niche Edit Backlinks or Curated Links are a contextual anchor links inserted into a quality aged guest post, blog post or page. The pages already exists which means it is already indexed by Google and has gained authority for sometimes.

Our links are manually outreached to existing content vs pitching new ideas and relevant links to make their content better.

The process:

  1. You choose your URLs & Anchors and Niche. We identify a relevant page/post for you, based on the metrics you have chosen/package.
  2. We handle the outreach. We directly outreach to try and secure a link placement within the content, new every time not from a list.
  3. You get exact url and matrix .

Every single link we acquire for you is from a 100% genuine and real website.

This is a completely white hat service, real webmasters and site owners place the link themselves in existing content.


Some specs about the links we acquire:

Level 4 RD500+ Referring domains Avg DA 30+ Level 3 RD250 - RD500 Referring domains Avg DA 20-40 Level 2 RD100-RD250 Referring domains Avg DA 10-30 Level 1 RD20-RD100 Referring domains Avg DA 10-20

Mix and match as many urls and anchors as you like.

Some of the niches:

Automotive: Auto dealers, Motorcycle dealers, Auto Financing, Auto Repair, Car Rental, Window Tinting

Legal: Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Business Formation

Insurance: Car, Life, Health, Dental, Independent Agents, Annuities

Profession Services: Accountants/CPAs, Financial Planners, Consultants, HR Specialists

Real Estate: Realtors, Home Inspectors, Home Appraisers, Mortgage, Brokers, Real Estate, Investors, Foreclosure/Short Sale, Movers

Events: Florists, Catering, Photography/Videography, Disc Jockeys, Weddings, Limousine, Personal Chefs

Health and beauty: Hair salons, Nail salons, Day spas, Cosmetic, Surgery, Dermatologists, Tanning, Chiropractors, Dental, Gyms, Personal Trainers, Weight loss specialists, Dieticians, Massage Therapists, Cannibis/CBD

Education: Private schools, Technical training centers, Vocational training, Univerities, Colleges

Travel: Travel Agents, Small non chain hotels, Resorts, Timeshares

Construction/Home Services: Air Conditioning, Heating, Handyman, Heating And Cooling, Housekeeping/Maid Services, Painters, Plumbers, Bathroom, Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, General Contractors, Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, Decks & Porches, Pools & Spas, Roofing, Fencing, Landscaping, Siding, Flooring, Locksmiths, Glass repair, Security Systems, Interior Designers, Home Theater Services

Misc: Child care, Veterinarians, Pet groomers, Tattoo shops, Karate, Digital marketing, Web Design, Cannabis/CBD, Adult Links

and many more!!


Why Choose Us and Our Links?

Are you still gambling your time and money on PBN sellers and HOPING they are good. You often see reviews but no actual results, hope they block crawlers and hope the network is not overly saturated. Some sellers you only get a screenshot of the page and hope you're not getting screwed? I've done this and then months later wonder who i got this shitty ass links from that are spammed. Then stop it today! You're never going to stop hearing about PBN's because people have too much invested. We get you exactly what you paid for guaranteed, a clean site, relevant text and passing the juice.

Unlike guest posts or PBN links, it can take weeks, months or years to gain power and traffic. Our contextual links already are ranked and indexed, so you can buy other links at 0 PA or start at 20+ PA. If you are not familiar with the tricks of PBNS you will get a quick boost because it is on the home page. then drop when it moves off.

P.S. if your looking for the secret weapon of the big guy's use and buy these links in bulk, you found it. We have clients doing these by the boatload