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About rayyage327
We have one of the best freelance teams in the world due to our diversity and experience.
Why we are different:
We have a large group of developers that work directly for us
We also have a large network of freelancers that we have built over time of only developers that have proven their skill-sets to us
Efficient project managers that have programming backgrounds but project management training and expertise
Result of our system:
Collectively, all that experience, and years of connections and relationships, provides us with very skilled developers that specialize in specific domains, & great full stack developers that coordinate with true project managers to utilize the correct resources to always provide the most professional finished products.

Our Services:
This is a level of management, professional skill sets, and business class project management that is extremely rare in freelance hiring. Even though our system is efficeint and reduces over costs on projects, our services are not targeted for small budget projects that want to "try" making an app. Due to the level of quality that we are able to produce, we are positioned to handle large projects for businesses that require complete professionalism and have no room for error.

There is very limited info on this job in the posting.
I would Love to discuss with you and show you how we help our clients have better experiences & high success rates.

**We specialize in helping new projects get started in the right direction and have the best possible outcomes.

Before going any further, Find out the 3 main reasons why most Freelance projects Die & never get finalized-

(Hiring a freelancer is So much more than gambling on which one writes good code. Understand what makes a difference and how to avoid these very common problems)

You may contact me on chat if you would like.
I would be happy to discuss these common freelancer problems, how we help you avoid them, & how we can help you turn your visions for these apps into reality

Thank you
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