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1200 words of unforgettable content meant to make your blog stand out as unique, well-researched, and authoritative. The "Client Pleaser" includes primary research, such as an interview with an expert in the field or firsthand survey with relevant audiences.


800 words of well-researched content that is written to convert visitors into customers.


400 words of original, hand-crafted, and SEO optimized content. Perfect for your PBN or silo articles.

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About This Service

Published author. Real content.

Let's face it, your website is like your baby. You don't want to trust your content with some faceless stranger on the internet who is just looking to make a quick five bucks. That's why I think I can stand out among the competition: I'm a published author with a proven record of success.

As a professional writer and writing educator, I have what it takes to bring your blog posts and SEO articles to life with informative research and engaging style.

Past Accomplishments

+ Lead Writer for Open Legend RPG Core Rules (raised $100,000+ on Kick Starter)
+ 100% 5-Star Rating on Fiverr
+ College Writing Teacher since 2009
+ Content Manager of Delaware Technical Community College's Teaching and Learning Blog, Forward Thinking

What You Get With This Gig

You get hand-written, grammatically flawless, original content matched to the voice and style of your blog. Specify one keyword that you want each article to target, and I'll get to work researching and writing an awesome piece.

So hit that order button and let's get to work.

Turnaround Time for Multiple Orders

Turnaround times listed are for a single article. If you place multiple orders at once, please allow 2 - 3 days per additional article. Legiit does not change TAT for multiple orders, so I will send your initial article at the specified due date and mark the order as delivered. The remaining articles will be sent to you 2 - 3 days later per article.

Package Descriptions

The three pricing options represent three levels of quality to meet the needs of every webmaster, digital marketer, and SEO.

BASIC - SEO Starter

Basic articles are at least 400 words long. While the writing will be grammatically flawless and clearly structured, it will not have a focus on engaging audiences or being particularly well-researched. It will, however, be SEO optimized for your desired keyword.

Basic articles are ideal for PBNs or SEO silos, the sort of writing tasks where you are not as focused on conversion.

STANDARD - Content That Converts

Standard articles are at least 800 words long and contain everything in the basic package plus...

+ Unique voice and tone to draw readers in
+ Engaging hook to compel visitors to read to the end
+ Convincing call-to-action
+ Research from authoritative sources in the field
+ Interlinking to your related content for on page SEO boost

Standard articles are ideal for content that is meant to drive customer action or demonstrate your authority in the field.

PREMIUM - The Client Pleaser


-=Please contact me prior to placing an order for a premium article=-

Premium articles are at least 1200 words long and contain everything in the standard package plus a piece of unique primary research to be conducted by me, such as the following:

+ Interview with an expert in the field
+ Survey data from niche-relevant community
+ Analysis of trends or patterns in the industry
+ Observation or reflection on experience with something related to the field (such as use of an app)

Premium articles are ideal for content that you want to go viral. An example of this level of post can be found here. This article was actually picked up by the developers of the game and re-tweeted to their 70,000 followers at the time.

These Reviews Don't Lie

You will not find a better writer on Legiit - GUARANTEED


Let's get down to brass tacks...

You've got two options:

You can spend countless hours searching around for a content writer on Fiverr or Legiit or Konker who will write well for cheap. But you know what you'll get 99% of the time just as well as I do: outsourced crap written by template writers who have zero research skills and don't know how to breathe life into the written word.

Or, you can choose me.

An experienced, professional author who has a proven track record of writing real content for real audiences.

I think the choice is obvious.

So hit that order button and let's get to work.