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I will provide analysis of 20 keywords by Cora SEO for $50.

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I will provide analysis of 10 keywords by Cora SEO for $25.

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I will provide analysis of 3 keywords by Cora SEO for $10.

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About This Service

***Warning*** This is not for an average person, this report is for people with above average SEO knowledge.

If you take a look at Cora SEO website, they charge $97 for a single keyword. That's how good this software is.

If you have tried other SEO software in the past you will know about the false claims and the get rich quick schemes, Cora is different. If you are looking for a silver bullet please keep looking, this software is real and gives you real results with a real plan to follow. 

This software compares 520 Google ranking factors from top 100 results for a given keyword, correlates them together to give you the exact SEO tuning roadmap that you need to achieve page 1 ranking.

In other words, Cora will tell you the exact number of tags, pictures, LSI keywords (will tell you which words to use), H1, H2,...tags, # of words, sentences, everything that you need to change to get that page 1 ranking. 

Cora GUARANTEES page 1 ranking at a minimum, but if you implement all recommendations, you will likely achieve #1 result.